2023 March
Hydrogen Valley.

The National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP) for Umbria region provides for a 14 million € tender on which only one economic operator has applied for.
That is the case of the plan to build a Hydrogen Valley on the neglected industrial areas in Umbria region: SANGRAF ITALY is the only company who has applied to the tender of the NRRP’s Mission 2 topic about the green revolution and the ecological transition.
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Sangraf Italy

2021 December 13th
We take safety to heart.

On 2021 December 13th, Sangraf Italy joined the “We take safety to heart” event promoted by UILTEC Umbria.
Sangraf Italy srl joined the event for the attention which the company gives to the item of health and safety in the workplace. As a testimonial, attend the event Sangraf Italy HSE Manager Antonio De Luca with the intervention entitled “Best Practice Example. Incident Management Process”.

2021 December 11th
Presentation of the restored pictorial cycle of Saint Francis church in Narni, financed by Sangraf Italy.

The restoration works of the two frescoes of Alessandro Torresani pictorial cycle (1571) has been completed. These are called “La fioritura del ramoscello di Giuseppe” and they are inside the chapel of Saint Joseph in the Saint Francis Church in Narni.
Thanks to the generous donation of Sangraf Italy and the collaboration of “Progetto Paideia” Association, it was possible to continue the restoration project which, together with previously restored frescoes: “La fuga in Egitto” and “L’adorazione dei Magi”, return the ancient beauty to Saint Joseph chapel in Saint Francis Church in Narni.
The presentation has been held on December 11 2021 in Saint Francis Church which is located in the historic center of Narni. It began with greetings of Don Sergio Rossini and continued with attendance of the art historian Alessandro Novelli which introduced the audience to an historical reading of frescoes; and then, Simone Deturres who led them on a detail tour of the wonderful Saint Joseph chapel, about all the restoration path.
At the end of the presentation, the guests were welcomed inside the rooms of the Eroli Museum in Narni, to attend the initiative promoters greeting ceremony.
At the ceremony were present Mauro Bristot (CEO) and Luigi Nigrelli (Plant Manager Narni) for Sangraf Italy srl; Giorgio Sebastiani, President of “Progetto Paideia” Association and Francesco De Rebotti, Narni Major.
At the end of the greeting ceremony, were held two very pleasant speech, rich in reflections and clarifications, by Professor Maria Luisi and the Professor Francesco Luisi. They shown the results of a research on musical iconography in southern Umbria, delighting the participants with a guided tour of interactive table and of the “Pala del Ghirlandaio” present inside Eroli Museum of Narni.

2021 July
ART AND INDUSTRY - Thanks to Sangraf Italy donation, the restoration project of the frescoes in San Francesco church continues.

The restoration works of the cycle of paintings into Saint Giuseppe chapel, in the Saint Francesco’s church continues, and thanks to the recent donation from Sangraf Italy S.r.l., it was possible to start the restoration works of two other important artworks.
Then, two pieces, together with the fresco already restored, thanks to the visitors voluntary donations: (“La fuga in Egitto” and “L’adorazione dei magi” and the two panels: “La fioritura del ramoscello di Giuseppe”), will bring back to chapel’s south wall its ancient beauty.
In this chapel, which is considered the first structure of Saint Francesco church, will be reopened also the access door to the stunning spiral staircase designed by Ottaviano Schiratti, an architect from the city of Perugia. The staircase allows to reach the chapel upper floor, so it will also be restored the room in front of the staircase.
The chapel, entirely painted by Alessandro Torresani, famous painter from Narni, contains original and unique art works in Italy, much appreciated by many visitors, even if they have been very damaged.
The restoration works, even just fent compared to the entire cycle of paintings enhance the artistic heritage of Narni’s historic center and its related cultural activities. This venture was strongly desired by Luigi Nigrelli Sangraf Italy plant manager and this represents an important step inside the complex restoration project of the entire cycle of paintings.
Sangraf Italy is constantly engaged in the protection of the local artistic and cultural heritage.

Sangraf Italy

Sangraf Italy
2020 November
Sangraf Italy made another step towards environmental sustainability.

Thanks to the investment for Narni plant, a new factory lighting system was completed in this days.
More than 1000 light points have been replaced with new led technology lighting bodies.
This makes possible to go from 188 Kw, of previous installed power, to the current 115 Kw with strong improvements in quality and efficacy of lighting.
The saving that Sangraf Italy in one year will obtain will be 433.00 Kwh, equivalent to 160 families annual medium consumption.
All this means that there will be an annual decrease of 152 tons of CO2.

2020 May
Important investment in Sangraf Italy.

Sangraf Italy, part of Sangraf International Group, specialized in production of graphite electrodes used in electric furnace, bought a new 280.000 AMP transformer/rectifier for the graphitation department.
Trafo size and weight made exceptional transport necessary to deliver the equipment at the plant and all transport and unloading operations were held successfully, in complete safety and in compliance with regulations.
The transformer installation works will allow Sangraf Italy to significantly increase its production capacity.
The planned investment come at a very difficult time for market economy, specially for steel market, but this prove the will of Sangraf Group to invest in an Italian plant in order to become the benchmark for the graphite electrodes supply to steel producers in Italy, in Europe and in the world.

Sangraf Italy

2018 September 18th
Narni: GoSource and Sangraf present the new company.

GoSource Italy, branch of GoSource Group, acquired in 2018 the former S.G.L Carbon plant in Narni.
After the fine-turning plant’s equipment, GoSource Italy starts graphite electrodes production which are used in electric arc furnaces for steel mills.
On September 18, GoSource Italy officially presented the new company with a opening ceremony. During the ceremony GoSource Italy organized a plant tour, in which top management of the group, local authorities and thousand guests and customers took part. Attending the ceremony there were leading personalities like: Haiting Yan, GoSource Group CEO, Tom Burkett, Sangraf international Executive Vice President of operation, sales & marketing, Luigi Nigrelli, Plant Manager of Go Source Italy Narni plant, Giampietro Castano, from Ministry of Economic development, Catiuscia Marini, President of Umbria region, Antonio Alunni, President of Confindustria Umbria, Giampiero Lattanzi, President of Terni province and Francesco De Rebotti, Narni mayor. At the end of the ceremony, Monsignor Salvatore Ferdinandi, general vicar of Terni-Narni-Amelia dioceses, read a Bible verse and blessed the entire plant.


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